Katat0nik Tidbits & Such

What’s happening with the lovely Katat0nik and her fantastic clothing store?  Here are a few ‘lil tidbits of infoz about what’s going on and what’s in the works!

Group gifts! Are you a member of the Katat0nik update group?  If not, check out the end of this post to learn how to become one.  If you are a member and you haven’t checked your notices recently, be sure to!  While the group giftie currently in the notices is St. Patrick’s Day-themed, I think you’ll agree that such a bold and beautiful green can be rocked any day of the year.

Katat0nik Group Gifties!

Katat0nik Group Gifties!

Did you hear that Katat0nik is now making dresses and accessories for Loco Pocos avatars?  Get the details here!  Stop by the little boutique on Loco Pocos Island (next to the big store that sells the Loco Pocos avatars) to snag these cute little dresses and a matching pair of eyes for FREE!  No longer will you have to run about as a nekked bunneh or other Loco Pocos animal – you can be a loca fashionista!

Le Cupcake is out!  Yuss!  The dress I had shamelessly spied Katat0nik making has hit the store with quite a…well, le splash!  There’s a ton of colors – pink, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, and gray!  With two skirt options, gorgeously detailed corsets (with cupcakes for bewbs!), and the new Charisma scripts, it’s a must have!

Have you gone to Katat0nik’s Psychotic Neko store yet to get the brand new color of the “Rina” dress as a part of the Easter Egg hunt there?  It’s a gorgy seafoam color and it’s only available as a part of this hunt!  Just amble on into the store to search for the egg to snag it!

The Psychotic Neko Katat0nik Store!

The Psychotic Neko Katat0nik Store!

The Prize ~ Seafoam Rina Dress!

The Prize ~ Seafoam "Rina" Dress!

PSSSSST!!! Coming soon…a VERY EXCITING announcement from Katat0nik…AND!  There’s a gift that comes with it that will rock your socks!  Stay tuned to the blog for the scoop as soon as I’m allowed to dish about it!  o.O

Style Notes:

Picture 1 ~ St. Patrick’s Day Dresses
Hair ~ Kin
Shamrock (Pale) Skin ~ Atomic Kitty (Group Gift)
Standar Eyes (Quiet Green) ~ Miriel
Shamrock Dolls (Limited Edition) Shoes ~ Lazy Places
Blogger Poses ~ [Long Awkward Pose]

Picture 5 & 6 ~ Seafoam “Rina” Dress
Teagan (Charcoal) Hair ~ Philotic Energy
Neko Ears & Tail ~ Katat0nik
Swallow Queen Chest Tattoo & Bold Bird Leg Tattoos ~ Numen
Moonbeam Vixen (Merlot) Skin ~ Curio
Locked Heart Choker (Color Changeable) ~ Katat0nik
Gryphon Myth Boots (Black) ~ Lazy Places
Poses ~ On The Cover


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Hi! I'm a RL artist and a designer of clothes, shoes, skins, hair, tattoos, dolls, and other stuff for the Second Life® virtual world. Visit Axis Mundi to see my work and check out the Katat0nik Flickr group!

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Katat0nik Pidgeon

Hi! I'm a RL artist and am currently making clothes, shoes, skins, hair, tattoos, dolls, and other stuff for Secondlife Life(TM). Visit Axis Mundi to see my work!

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