Group Member-Only Sale on New Ghostfire Boots!

Forgive me for spamming the feed with two posts in one day (le gaspe!), but this limited-time deal for Katat0nik group members is too good to wait!  Three new colors of the very versatile “Ghostfire” boots are headed towards the shelves of Stomp Lightly sometime this weekend, but if you are a member of Katat0nik’s update group, you can get them today!  They’re on sale for $300L in the private group member-only sale area – 1/3 off the regular price! – for a few days only!  Just activate your group tag to purchase them!

These brand new colors – orange, yellow, and lime – will fit in perfectly amongst Katat0nik’s palette of rich textures used in her clothing.  I was hot to try out the new colors with my Katat0nik-covered wardrobe and came up with these 3 looks.

New Ghostfire Boots Colors!

New "Ghostfire" Boots Colors!

The yellow “Ghostfire” boots fit into any Katat0nik fan’s wardrobe easily with pieces like the yellow “Dolly” dress, or you can kick it a little more casual like I did with the yellow “Spacecake” hoodie and the scripted color change “Hearts” skirt (a total steal at just $25L for all those colors of skirts!).

I’m in love with the orange boots as this nom-a-licious shade appears throughout Katat0nik’s creations.  I popped on one of my favorites from Kat’s latest and greatest, the Duck Shoot Dress.  This whimsical with a generous sprinkle of macabre suite has 9 pieces and comes in 8 colors.  Shot up duck decoys and deliciously bloody holes and stains adorn the dress and it comes complete with a cute little hat and a ‘tache!

Last but not least is a relatively new color addition to Katat0nik’s palette, lime.  Kat tells me she will be using this bright green a lot in upcoming releases, and I for one can’t wait!  The boots go perfectly with her latest custom fishing prize, the Whale Hooker Dress.

I also wore one of Kat’s latest, the Locked Heart Choker, another one of those steals at just $25L!  There are 21 different colors (including lime) to choose from to customize your choker to your heart’s content.  You can even customize the type of metal used for the padlock, another one of the reasons why I will be reaching for this again and again as a wardrobe staple.

Not yet a member of Katat0nik’s update group?  All customers who spend $250L or more within one day at a Katat0nik shop will receive an invitation within a week to the group.  Group members are routinely showered with group-only gifts and special deals, so it’s definitely worth it!  Just be patient with the very busy Ms. Pigeon after you spend your $250L (it can be one item or several – it just has to total $250L within one day) – she will get to you and you don’t need to IM her!

Style Notes:
Skin: Skins of Delphi “Cookie” Skin in “Aurora/Rainbow”
Hair: Kin “Chelsey” in Black
Tattoo: Numen “Bold Bird” leg tattoos
Skin: Skins of Delphi “Cookie” Skin in Aurora/Rainbow

Hair: Kin “Momo” in Black
Tattoos: Garden of Ku “Sacred”
Skin: Skins of Delphi “Cookie” Skin in Aurora/PurpleGreen
Hair: House of Munster “Fluffeh” in Midnight w/Zombie tips


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Hi! I'm a RL artist and a designer of clothes, shoes, skins, hair, tattoos, dolls, and other stuff for the Second Life® virtual world. Visit Axis Mundi to see my work and check out the Katat0nik Flickr group!

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Katat0nik Pidgeon

Hi! I'm a RL artist and am currently making clothes, shoes, skins, hair, tattoos, dolls, and other stuff for Secondlife Life(TM). Visit Axis Mundi to see my work!

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