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Gemini Limited Edition Dress!

In honor of the lovely Hethr Engel’s upcoming motherhood of twins, Katat0nik created a special edition of her fruit swirl dress called “Gemini.”  (I was tickled to find out Gemini’s Zodiac symbol is of twins!  Kat is so thoughtful like that.)  The dress was originally sold at Hethr’s baby shower, but due to popular demand from those who couldn’t make it, the dress will be available for a limited time in Katat0nik’s Axis Mundi location!

Violet Voltaire made a baby-themed charm bracelet especially for the event too called “Baby Shower!”  You can snag it here, and it’s adorable on anyone whether you’re expecting or just on a mission to look ab fab (like moi!).  I’m also wearing the Sweetheart necklace in “Sweet.”

The fruit swirl dress is one of my favorites from Kat’s recent releases.  Here’s my favorite version, the “Poison Fruit” dress.  It’s pretty unique amongst the other colors, and I’m a sucker for anything skully.  I paired it with Katat0nik’s legwarmer bow boots.  The best part about them is that the top and bottom bows of each boot can be customized color-wise, so you can rock out with four different colors of bows, or be a color-prude like me with just one. XD

Poison Fruit Swirl Dress

Poison Fruit Swirl Dress

But wait!  There’s more fruity goodness!  The fruit flavored bra and panty set is oh so scrumptious.  You can choose from tons of colors and they pair perfectly with Katat0nik’s Strawberry Dream legwarmer boots.  Nom nom nom!

I hope you enjoy the fruity deliciousness yourself, and be sure to snag the Gemini dress before it poofs!

Style Notes!
Picture 1:
Lovely Firehouse Skin (Moonbeam) ~ Curio
“Piper” Hair in Ebony ~ Maitreya
Flats ~ Kookie

Picture 2:
Wicked Hearts Necklace ~ Violet Voltaire

Picture 3:
Gliteratti bracelets ~ Violet Voltaire
Stockings ~ Katat0nik


Love Katat0nik, Love Butt!

Kat’s made some pantalones!  Yuss!  I was equally shocked!  Le gaspe! But of course, because it’s Katat0nik, the pants are cute little capris celebrating V Day (but definitely wearable all year ’round).  For just $10 lindos, you can shake it like a salt shaker with hearts on your bon bon in red!

Caliente!  And, if you’re a Katat0nik group member (click here to read more on how to become a member!), open up your group notices, because the “Love Butt” pants in pink are in there as a group giftie!  I paired it with the rainbow “Locked Heart” choker that is also available in the group notices for lucky ducky group members in the picture below.

Love Your Butt With Katat0nik!

Love Your Butt With Katat0nik!

Wanna know what to wear with ’em?  Ms. Pidgeon herself recommends the corsets from the “Rina” dresses.  The black Rina dress is available for free in-store as a part of the Vain grid-wide kisses hunt, and the pink version shown with the pink “Love Butt” pants above is $1L at Katat0nik’s Juicy del Mar location.

Style Notes for Picture #2:
Hair: Kin “Liv” in Black
Skin: Doux Petit Dahl “Sweet Little Romance” Tone 01 (Available for free during the grand re-opening hunt!  Limited time only!)
Shooz: Katat0nik “Mortido” Mary Janes (wih HUD driven color-change bows)
Manicure: Sn@tch “Nail Candy” in Onyx
Lashes: FKNY Cake “Bedroom Lashes”
Eyes: Endeavor “Shiny” Eyes in Pro 13
Poses: Long Awkward Pose


Valentine’s Day at the Starlust Motel with Katat0nik!

Oh hai!  Having fun with all of the Valentine’s Day hunts?  Ok, maybe you’re a little overwhelmed like me, but the hunt going on within the Starlust sims is one not to miss!  Especially because…dun dun dunnnnn!!!  The Valentine’s Day edition of the the Striped Dollie Dress is one of the prizes, a Starlust Valentine’s Day hunt exclusive never to be sold!

To join in the fun, tp into the Starlust Motel lobby and click the sign for the Valentine’s Day Hunt HUD.  Wear the HUD and follow the clues to pick up little pieces of a broken heart.  The pieces will appear on the HUD, and once your heart is whole again (aww!), you can collect presents from all the participating stores by clicking on the pink gift boxes.  There’s a notecard in the lobby with a list of all the participating stores and slurls, making it easy to collect the loot!  The hunt has been soooo popular that it’s been extended through the week, so don’t worry if it’s too laggy or the sims are packed – you’ve got time!

The Valentines Day Striped Dollie Dress Starlust Prize

In the picture above, I’m wearing the Valentine’s Day Limited Edition boots and flats from Lazy Places!  SakuraDawn Lei matched her shooz to Katat0nik’s pink and dark pink shades from the Valentine’s Day limited edition Alice set, but it also matches a ton of other pieces from Kat’s store like the Dorothy set and…the Starlust Hunt prize dress!  This color will only be available until Februrary 28th and is available in both Lazy Places’ main store and the Axis Mundi store.

Style Notes:
Hair: Katat0nik “Lolli” Hair (HUD-driven color change hair & bow)
Skin: Doux Petit Dahl “Valentine” skin in Tone 01 (Free from a hunt that’s going on now!)
Earrings: Violet Voltaire “Sweethearts” Set (Available for $1L TODAY, February 14th, during Violet Voltaire’s Valentine’s Day Party – get details through her subscribe-o-matic at her shop!)
Shooz [From Left to Right]: Lazy Places “Namaloos,” “Centaur,” and “Flats” (All are in the limited edition “Dark Pink” color)
Poses: [LAP]


Group Member-Only Sale on New Ghostfire Boots!

Forgive me for spamming the feed with two posts in one day (le gaspe!), but this limited-time deal for Katat0nik group members is too good to wait!  Three new colors of the very versatile “Ghostfire” boots are headed towards the shelves of Stomp Lightly sometime this weekend, but if you are a member of Katat0nik’s update group, you can get them today!  They’re on sale for $300L in the private group member-only sale area – 1/3 off the regular price! – for a few days only!  Just activate your group tag to purchase them!

These brand new colors – orange, yellow, and lime – will fit in perfectly amongst Katat0nik’s palette of rich textures used in her clothing.  I was hot to try out the new colors with my Katat0nik-covered wardrobe and came up with these 3 looks.

New Ghostfire Boots Colors!

New "Ghostfire" Boots Colors!

The yellow “Ghostfire” boots fit into any Katat0nik fan’s wardrobe easily with pieces like the yellow “Dolly” dress, or you can kick it a little more casual like I did with the yellow “Spacecake” hoodie and the scripted color change “Hearts” skirt (a total steal at just $25L for all those colors of skirts!).

I’m in love with the orange boots as this nom-a-licious shade appears throughout Katat0nik’s creations.  I popped on one of my favorites from Kat’s latest and greatest, the Duck Shoot Dress.  This whimsical with a generous sprinkle of macabre suite has 9 pieces and comes in 8 colors.  Shot up duck decoys and deliciously bloody holes and stains adorn the dress and it comes complete with a cute little hat and a ‘tache!

Last but not least is a relatively new color addition to Katat0nik’s palette, lime.  Kat tells me she will be using this bright green a lot in upcoming releases, and I for one can’t wait!  The boots go perfectly with her latest custom fishing prize, the Whale Hooker Dress.

I also wore one of Kat’s latest, the Locked Heart Choker, another one of those steals at just $25L!  There are 21 different colors (including lime) to choose from to customize your choker to your heart’s content.  You can even customize the type of metal used for the padlock, another one of the reasons why I will be reaching for this again and again as a wardrobe staple.

Not yet a member of Katat0nik’s update group?  All customers who spend $250L or more within one day at a Katat0nik shop will receive an invitation within a week to the group.  Group members are routinely showered with group-only gifts and special deals, so it’s definitely worth it!  Just be patient with the very busy Ms. Pigeon after you spend your $250L (it can be one item or several – it just has to total $250L within one day) – she will get to you and you don’t need to IM her!

Style Notes:
Skin: Skins of Delphi “Cookie” Skin in “Aurora/Rainbow”
Hair: Kin “Chelsey” in Black
Tattoo: Numen “Bold Bird” leg tattoos
Skin: Skins of Delphi “Cookie” Skin in Aurora/Rainbow

Hair: Kin “Momo” in Black
Tattoos: Garden of Ku “Sacred”
Skin: Skins of Delphi “Cookie” Skin in Aurora/PurpleGreen
Hair: House of Munster “Fluffeh” in Midnight w/Zombie tips


Fishing for Loose (Whale) Women – New Custom Fishing Prizes!

Katat0nik fans rejoice…and get fishing!  Two new colors of the “Whale Hooker” custom prize dress are now available to feed your fishing and fashion addiction!

New colors of the Whale Hooker dress!

New colors of the "Whale Hooker" dress!

What’s the catch?  (Har, har.  I couldn’t resist!)  You must fish for the Uncommon “Cash Money,” the Rare “Blood Drops” and “Cigarette,” and the Ultrarare “Lipstick.”  Combine these salvage items with either the “Pink” or “Green”  Uncommon blueprints to score a copy-only version of the dress!  You won’t want to miss Katat0nik’s beautifully hand-drawn textured dress celebrating orca chicks out on the town looking for some action.  (Gotta love Kat’s creativity!)

Katat0nik digs the Whale Hookers!

Katat0nik digs the Whale Hookers!

You can join Katat0nik’s fishing group to keep in touch with fellow fishers of fashion and exchange pieces by clicking the “join the group” sign in her main store location in Axis Mundi.  Hop over to Katat0nik’s new fishing grotto to get started!

Style Notes for Picture 1:
Sunglasses: Pink Fuel
Hair: Lamb “Breeze”
Tattoos: Numen “Swallow Queen” chest tattoo, “Exploring Koi” arm tattoos, and “Bold Bird” leg tattoos

Picture 2:
Skin: Skins of Delphi Vanilla Skin in “Starlight/Black”
Hair: House of Munster Twizzy in “Pinks”
Necklace: Katat0nik Locked Heart Choker
Eyes: Endeavor Twinkle in “M 08”
Tattoos: Katat0nik Kiss (Katat0nik Group Gift!) & Numen (see above)


Limited Edition Alice & Dorothy for Valentine’s Day!

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.  Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t.  And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be.  And what it wouldn’t be, it would.  You see?

-Alice in “Alice in Wonderland”

It would be nonsense not to “step through the looking glass” this Valentine’s Day to get the limited edition Valentine’s Day versions of Katat0nik’s popular “Alice” set!  There are three different colors to choose from, and each set includes 12 different pieces with an apron version and a no-apron version.

Alice in Pink

Alice in Pink

Alice in Dark Pink

Alice in Dark Pink

Alice in Bloody Pink

Alice in Bloody Pink

Of course, “Bloody Pink” is my personal favorite as I adore the “Malice” Alice, but you can pick up any or all three of these only until the end of February and only in Katat0nik’s main shop location in Axis Mundi!  Also shown is Katat0nik’s “Malice” hairstyle that is color-changeable (the hair and the headband!) with just a click!

The wind began to switch
The house, to pitch
And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch
Just then, the Witch
To satisfy an itch

Went flying on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch!
And oh, what happened then was rich!

-Dorothy & the Munchkins in “Wizard of Oz”

Get swept up in a magical tornado and head to the Magic of Oz sim to snag Katat0nik’s Valentine “Dorothy” sets!  They are 50% off ONLY until Feb 15th!! After that they will remain in the shop forever, but at regular price. It comes in a “pink” set with 14 pieces and in “bloody pink” set with 15 pieces…and the “bloody pink” comes with a severed witch leg that acts as a weapon!  Severed witch leg weapon for the win!  (I’m soooo walking around SL carrying this leg and smacking people, rofl!)

Valentines Dorothy Sets

Valentine's Dorothy Sets

Both the sets have a sculpted Toto pocket with perfectly puffed sleeves, dainty white gloves and thigh highs, pink frilly panties, and a flexi skirt that moves beautifully (Especially as you stalk your victims with the witch leg!  \o/).

Here is the always lurvely Achariya Rezak sporting the bloody version of the Dorothy set.  I adore how she captured the look of lost innocence in her pic!  She’s also wearing Katat0nik’s “Bubbly” mary janes in dark pink and the hud-driven color change “Lolli” hair, available in-store.  Thanks, Achariya!

Achariya in the Bloody Dorothy set

Achariya in the "Bloody" Dorothy set

Again, these sets are only 50% off until February 15th, then it goes back to regular price.  And, the “Dorothy” sets are only available in Katat0nik’s Magic of Oz sim location.  See you there…and bring your witch leg! [grins]


Strawberry Delicious!

The ultra-fabulous Gogo recently put the idea of a marshmallow fluff skirt into Katat0nik’s head and Kat ran straight to her inner sweet shoppe to create “Strawberry Cream,” a 10 piece nom-a-licious set of strawberries and whipped cream corsets and bloomers!

Katat0niks Strawberry Cream

Katat0nik's "Strawberry Cream"

The beautifully-detailed corset and bra top is sweet with a dash of sexy without being “Strawberry Shortcake Goes to the Red Light District” (Ok, that’s a funny mental picture!), easily mix-and-matchable with several of Katat0nik’s outfits.  The bloomers have sculpted legs and ‘lil lace shorts with and without garters to go with the stockings.  The gloves and cutest little hat top off this fashionable treat.

There are 8 colors to choose from for just $275 each, or score the fatpack for maximum strawberry goodness for $1100!  That’s 50% off!  Check it out today, and maybe get some fishing done while you’re at it for Katat0nik’s “Whale Hooker” dress.  (Not to be confused with loose female orca streetwear!)

The Whale Hooker Dress!

The Whale Hooker Dress!

Catch the blueprint and salvage items while sitting pretty on a Rebel-X frosted strawberry in your new “Strawberry Cream” outfit to make a copy-only version of the dress!  (Like you needed another reason to be addicted to fishing, lol!)

Also shown in the “Strawberry Cream” ad:
Shoes: Schadenfreude “Lucent” heels in Strawberry
Jewelry: Violet Voltaire “Sweetheart” necklace & earrings in Purity
Skin: Bebae “Belina” in Creme/Cat4a

Katat0nik Pidgeon

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Hi! I'm a RL artist and am currently making clothes, shoes, skins, hair, tattoos, dolls, and other stuff for Secondlife Life(TM). Visit Axis Mundi to see my work!

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