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Katat0nik Haz New Sim! And RFL Dress! And Ladybugs!

Yush, I am very behind in the blogging.  Shame on me.  But the good news is that I finished my law school exams and started my new job without too much drama.  Hooray!  That leaves me more time for more fun like blogging.  The bad news is the new job is very time consuming, so how much time I really have is in dispute still.  Gah!  How dare RL interrupt my SL!

But!  If you accept my apology, hopefully you don’t mind reading about all the awesome that is happening in the “World of Katat0nik!”

Katat0nik haz a new sim!  It is beeeeautiful, with sort of a whimsical and a little otherworldly (think Alice in Wonderland though, not like…Blade Runner, lol).  Not only is Kat’s shop and her fishing hole there, but several other great stores too like Lazy Places, Fat Candy, Juicy, and Rachel Breaker.

And…Katat0nik made a Relay For Life dress!  Yay!  It’s a very special version of her Le Cupcake dress and it is available for a donation of $500L at her main shop.

The Relay for Life version of the Le Cupcake dress!

The Relay for Life version of the Le Cupcake dress!

There are two skirt options, a gorgeously detailed corset (with nom-able cupcakes for bewbs!), stockings, panties, and tons more in the set!  I love how you can wear it many different ways with the skirt options, and the many pretty colors on the pieces work perfectly with Katat0nik’s shoes and accessories.

Le Sexy!

Le Sexy!

Be sure to snag this limited edition version of the dress before RFL ends this summer, because it will be…le gone! Remember: you can donate more than $500L if you wish, and it all goes for a great cause.

And…get “Ladybugged!”  Ladybugs are symbols of luck and love, and I feel pretty loved and lucky that Katat0nik has recently released this new dress in eight different colors, including pink, light orange, light yellow, light green, light blue, lavender, black, and white!  It’s perfect for spring-into-summer and a fun addition to your wardrobe, and you can pop over to Lazy Places in the very same sim for matching shooz!

Get Ladybugged!

Get Ladybugged!

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Hi! I'm a RL artist and a designer of clothes, shoes, skins, hair, tattoos, dolls, and other stuff for the Second Life® virtual world. Visit Axis Mundi to see my work and check out the Katat0nik Flickr group!

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Katat0nik Pidgeon

Hi! I'm a RL artist and am currently making clothes, shoes, skins, hair, tattoos, dolls, and other stuff for Secondlife Life(TM). Visit Axis Mundi to see my work!

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