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New Katty Dolls for Spring!

I know, I know…after a post like the last one with all the unicorn and anticorn excitement, Katty Dolls might seem pretty tame.  But, I just couldn’t bring myself to do unholy things to these cute ‘lil dolls.  I must have a shred of decency left…somewhere!  (And I needed a break from the fierce battles…it just keeps escalating in Starlust and in the I (heart) Starlust update group!  SO INTENSE, dood!)

These 27 new Katty Dolls have little hoodies to look like bunnehs, bees, black sheep, and lambs and are just the cutest for Spring!  They each come with a “Priority 4” pose, which translated into non-posemaker speak, means you won’t be flinging your doll around with your AO if it has lower priority poses.  (I don’t know about you, but I hate looking like a cranky child when I’m holding onto something, so I dig the thoughtfulness with the P4 pose!)

You can pick up these cuties at Katat0nik’s main location in Axis Mundi!  The bunnehs, bees, lambs, and black sheep are available for sale and the clown Katty Dolls are given away by the Prize Orb!

Stay tuned to the blog for exciting information about an upcoming hunt at Loco Pocos Island that Katat0nik is participating in!

Style Notes for Kat ~
Sakura Skin & Hair: Minajunk (part of the “Sakura” avatar set)
Dollie Dress in White: Katat0nik
Striped Leggings in Pink/Black: Katat0nik
Ghostfire Boots in Pink: Katat0nik


“Making Memories” with Katat0nik

Something’s afoot at the Starlust Motel.  Something that has caused two warring factions to break out amongst its residents.  Both sides have been and remain locked in a fierce battle to the death, the likes of which Second Life® has never witnessed.  And likely, never will again.

That something?

Unicorns.  And glitter.

Le gaspe!

Starlustland Becomes “Sparkle Village?”

I cautiously traversed the battleground to investigate and seek out one of the Unicorn Warlords (or is it warladies?), Apatia Hammerer.  With a last name like that, I knew she would be fierce.  When I finally found her, I was lucky that she didn’t behead me or make me suffer any similar and quite unfortunate fate.  Strangely enough, she was quite nice!  She recounted the following about how the war began:

“One day, Allegory [Malaprop] and I were like, ‘Hey…you know we love unicorns.  And glitter.  Starlustland needs more unicorns and glitter.  Is that a good idea?  Oh!  And sex.  Let’s make them unicorn sex islands?  Yeah?  Ok…yeah…that’s more “us.” Let’s do it!'”

When the decision was made, Allegory Malaprop, Apatia’s co-Warlord, proceeded to make a decree to all Starlustland, that read as follows:

“The Starlust Motel shall henceforth be known as Sparkle Village.  It is a testament to our love, and our love of unicorns.  In a carnal way.”

The Unicorn Opposition Front Strikes Back

Not everyone was in agreement with Apatia and Allegory’s ideas about redecorating.  As horny unicorns and glitter started to adorn the grounds of newly renamed “Sparkle Village,” Stein Shilova and Melatonin Hax vehemently condemned the changes and became the leaders of the resistance movement against the unicorns.

Apatia’s gave me a rather colorful account of how the battle began by saying, “Holy s**t!  When Allegory and I told Stein and Melatonin…boy did they flip out.  I mean flip out!”  Heated words went flying between the two parties, such as Melatonin (allegedly) shouting, “Jesus f***ing Christ, Appy!  You f***ing know I hate unicorns so f***ing much!”


Neither Stein Shilova or Melatonin Hax could be reached for comment at the time this article went to press.  I suspect they were both busy hatching clever schemes against the unicorns.

Hundreds Rush to Join the Fight

Soon, shop owners, customers, and other assorted but equally inflamed hangers around the motel formerly known as “The Starlust” began to join in in the fray, either in support or in opposition to the unicorns and the glitter.  Guerrilla-style warfare now rages between the Pro-Unicorn and Anti-Unicorn factions, complete with incendiary propaganda such as tee-shirts and signs.

The Anti-Unicorn Gecko Gorilla and Katat0nik-clad Adaire DeCuir stand off in front of a propaganda sign decrying the arrival of the unicorns.

The Anti-Unicorn Gecko Gorilla and Katat0nik-clad Adaire DeCuir stand off in front of a propaganda sign decrying the arrival of the unicorns.

Katat0nik Takes a Stand

Katat0nik Pidgeon, the proprietor of a shop that inhabits the war-torn motel, has officially come out in support of the unicorns.  I ran into her while investigating the war and she said, “When I first saw the sex unicorns at the Starlust, I laughed so hard!  I had no idea that Allegory and Apatia liked unicorns…you know…that much!  But then…”

Kat trailed off mid-story for a moment and her cheeks began to flush with what I can only describe as a deep-seated rage.  “…But then I saw the evil ‘SAY NO TO UNICORNS!’ signs!  I heard about the drama that has been going on in Starlustland from a fellow shop owner, and while I don’t want to get caught up in drama…”  She did a twirl in a brightly colored dress that was adorned with unicorns making sweet love before finishing her sentence.  “…I was inspired to make this dress in support of the unicorns, and I’m placing it in my shop for free for all those in favor of the cause!”

When I told Katat0nik that I too supported the unicorns, she graciously handed me a copy of the very same dress she was wearing that she had named “Making Memories.”  I ducked off to change, unable to resist wearing the pro-unicorn couture.  When I came back to continue to talking with Katat0nik, I was suddenly overcome by the surroundings.  Two unicorns in bed in post-coital bliss.  Another unicorn lay close by, seductively looking up at me.  I looked at Kat.  She looked at me.  And then…

Making Memories

Kat and Adaire fell against each other, consumed by unicorn fever!

Kat and Adaire fell against each other, consumed by unicorn fever!

At first, we just swooned, unable to handle the overwhelming sexual unicorn frolicking while wearing dresses depicting…sexual unicorn frolicking!  But soon, things started to heat up…

Swept up in the unicornyness, Adaire reached for a very inappropriate place.

Swept up in the unicornyness, Adaire reached for a very inappropriate place.

Things started happening in a rush, both of us powerless to stop it!  A touch.  A kiss.  A caress.  A…

Katat0nik and Adaire join the other unicorns in their sexual debauchery!

Unable to resist the power of the Unicorns, Katat0nik and Adaire engage in sexual debauchery!

The rest of the story?  Well…it’s too sordid for print.  But in my defense, I blame Stein and Melatonin for the above-documented (and probably of blackmail quality) “frolicking.”  They must have put something in the water.  Yeah….!

Joining the Movement with the “Making Memories” Dress

You too can stop by the lobby of the Starlust Motel for your complimentary dress that supports the Pro-Unicorn faction within Starlustland.  But when you arrive, be on the upmost alert for crazed Anti-Unicorn fighters.  And, be careful…you just might start making your own memories like Katat0nik and I did!

Style Notes:

Adaire ~
Sakura Skin: Minajunk
Hezza Hair (White/Green Tips): Deviant Kitties
Unicorn Horn (White): Illusions
Ruffled Panties (Purple): Katat0nik
Hya Cloven Boots (Axis Mundi Exclusive Color): Lazy Places
Lucky Star Bracelet: Violet Voltaire
Soulful Eyes (Purple): Sn@tch
Raptor Gun (Black/Purple): TalTECH (lucky chair gift)

Katat0nik ~
Sakura Skin & Hair (Part of the “Sakura” Avatar): Minajunk
Kawaii Star Necklace: Violet Voltaire
Make Me A Pretty Unicorn Playset: Beloved (Available in the Starlust Motel Lobby!)
Hya Cloven Boots (Axis Mundi Exclusive Color): Lazy Places
Tattoos: Numen

Gecko ~
Redeemer Skin: Aitui
Blaze Hair: HCT
Anti-Unicorn T-Shirt: I (heart) Starlust (group gift)
Riot (Dirty Harry) Jeans: Primitive Design
Studded Belt: ReToX
Pornstars Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit
Leather Strap Cuff: Alphamale
Proto Time Watch: Hoorenbeek
Where Were You in ’77 Necklace: Rawdolls
Ear Gauges: Aitui
Desert Eagle Guns: Breach


Katat0nik Tidbits & Such

What’s happening with the lovely Katat0nik and her fantastic clothing store?  Here are a few ‘lil tidbits of infoz about what’s going on and what’s in the works!

Group gifts! Are you a member of the Katat0nik update group?  If not, check out the end of this post to learn how to become one.  If you are a member and you haven’t checked your notices recently, be sure to!  While the group giftie currently in the notices is St. Patrick’s Day-themed, I think you’ll agree that such a bold and beautiful green can be rocked any day of the year.

Katat0nik Group Gifties!

Katat0nik Group Gifties!

Did you hear that Katat0nik is now making dresses and accessories for Loco Pocos avatars?  Get the details here!  Stop by the little boutique on Loco Pocos Island (next to the big store that sells the Loco Pocos avatars) to snag these cute little dresses and a matching pair of eyes for FREE!  No longer will you have to run about as a nekked bunneh or other Loco Pocos animal – you can be a loca fashionista!

Le Cupcake is out!  Yuss!  The dress I had shamelessly spied Katat0nik making has hit the store with quite a…well, le splash!  There’s a ton of colors – pink, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, and gray!  With two skirt options, gorgeously detailed corsets (with cupcakes for bewbs!), and the new Charisma scripts, it’s a must have!

Have you gone to Katat0nik’s Psychotic Neko store yet to get the brand new color of the “Rina” dress as a part of the Easter Egg hunt there?  It’s a gorgy seafoam color and it’s only available as a part of this hunt!  Just amble on into the store to search for the egg to snag it!

The Psychotic Neko Katat0nik Store!

The Psychotic Neko Katat0nik Store!

The Prize ~ Seafoam Rina Dress!

The Prize ~ Seafoam "Rina" Dress!

PSSSSST!!! Coming soon…a VERY EXCITING announcement from Katat0nik…AND!  There’s a gift that comes with it that will rock your socks!  Stay tuned to the blog for the scoop as soon as I’m allowed to dish about it!  o.O

Style Notes:

Picture 1 ~ St. Patrick’s Day Dresses
Hair ~ Kin
Shamrock (Pale) Skin ~ Atomic Kitty (Group Gift)
Standar Eyes (Quiet Green) ~ Miriel
Shamrock Dolls (Limited Edition) Shoes ~ Lazy Places
Blogger Poses ~ [Long Awkward Pose]

Picture 5 & 6 ~ Seafoam “Rina” Dress
Teagan (Charcoal) Hair ~ Philotic Energy
Neko Ears & Tail ~ Katat0nik
Swallow Queen Chest Tattoo & Bold Bird Leg Tattoos ~ Numen
Moonbeam Vixen (Merlot) Skin ~ Curio
Locked Heart Choker (Color Changeable) ~ Katat0nik
Gryphon Myth Boots (Black) ~ Lazy Places
Poses ~ On The Cover


The Hunt is On in the Magic of Oz!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the awesome Magic of Oz sim is hosting the St. Patrick’s Cuardach (that means “seek” or “search” in Gaelic!) hunt with many of its fabulous vendors participating, including the lovely Katat0nik!  Katat0nik has three gifts in the hunt –  two versions of a shamrock-themed dress and a cute little shamrock hat!

The Magic of Oz Hunt Prizes!

The Magic of Oz Hunt Prizes!

How does it work?  You tp into the Magic of Oz sim and start looking for gold coins that appear randomly all over the place.  When you find one, click on it!  The coin will tell you which store it is for.  It may take awhile to get a Katat0nik coin, but don’t worry!  It just takes a little patience to hunt them down.

Once you get a coin, you have to find that shop location within the sim.  Head towards the gold pot within the store, WEAR the gold coin you found, and click on the COIN!  The pot will gift you with your prize.

Are you one of the lucky ones to get the Katat0nik prizes?  We’d love to see you show it off!  Snap a picture and post it to the Katat0nik Flickr Group.  We’ll post some of the best ones!  AND, stay tuned for…dun dun dun…a Katat0nik Flickr contest to be announced soon!

Also, this Thursday, there will be a Banshee Ball at the Magic of Oz from 7-9 pm SL.  Wander over to the Witch’s Castle in your best dark fae-themed outfit for a chance to win prizes and listen to fantastic tunes by DJ Sierra Sugar.  Hope to see you there for the fun!


Going Loco for Loco Pocos Dollie Dresses!

Loco Pocos fashionistas, rejoice!  Katat0nik has added even more colors of her Dollie Dress for her Loco Pocos line of apparel and accessories!  All of the new dresses have either eight or twelve texture options for the top and the skirt, all changeable through the Loco Pocos avatar HUD!  Check out the prior post about Katat0nik’s debut into Loco Pocos for more information about these fabulous avatars and the magic of the Loco Pocos island.

Click the picture to see a bigger version that shows all of the dresses in all their glory and to see Katat0nik looking adorable in several of the different Loco Pocos avatars available.  Both the avatars and the new Dollie Dresses are available now at the Loco Pocos Boutique!


Katat0nik Comes to Loco Pocos!

Exciting news!  Katat0nik has teamed up with Damien Fate, the ingenious creator of Loco PocosLoco Pocos Island is a one-in-a-kind sim that has so many places to discover and explore with a magical story interwoven throughout.  The island is inhabited by “loco pocos,” which loosely translated, means “crazy tines.”  The truly unique, customizable, and sculpted avatars that are available with an easy-to-use HUD include bunnies, koalas, mice, squirrels, and more!

After terrorizing Kat with my detective shenanigans, I asked about her decision to start creating fashion for Loco Pocos avatars and how that came about.  She said, “A Loco Pocos employee named Calberd Ofarrel was hosting a fishing contest at the Island last week and I went to check it out.  I asked about making Loco Pocos clothing and accessories because I love the avatars so much, and he told me that it’s not only ok, but encouraged!  Calberd was kind enough to give me a huuuuge tour of the Loco Pocos Island after the contest and I instantly became obsessed!”

Before you roll your eyes and say, “Ugh, tinies…I’m a fashionista!  Not a skunk!,” check out Katat0nik’s first creation for Loco Pocos – her Dollie Dress!

The dress comes with eight texture options that are interchangeable through the Loco Pocos HUD, and you can mix and match different textures for the top and skirt parts of the dress!  There are light and dark striped and solid color versions, each with a heart or skull option.  There are practically infinite possibilities, and all in one dress!

Katat0nik also created eyes for the Loco Pocos avatars with 11 color options that are also changeable through the HUD, and you can even make them mismatched!  It’s as easy as attaching and clicking, and…BAM!  You’re a Loco Pocos fashionista!

I asked Kat what she liked most about creating her first dress for Loco Pocos, and she told me, “I love the many options in the HUD that lets you customize everything and I LOVE having the option available to make stuff that will interact with the HUD too. I wish human avs came with special huds like the Loco Pocos one!”  Kat plans to make more Loco Pocos versions of her current dresses for sale, and may eventually start doing new releases with human and Loco Pocos versions coming out at the same time!

Free Loco Pocos Avatar!

Free Loco Pocos Avatar!

Curious about having your own Loco Pocos avatar but not 100% sure it’s for you?  Good news!  You can pick up your very own “Benny” bunneh avatar (male or female options) for FREE at the Loco Pocos Island landing point.  It’s a fabulous way to give it a go and play with the HUD before investing in the awesome apparel and accessories.  Within five minutes, I myself was well on my way to Loco Pocos obsession!

Katat0nik fans have already expressed their excitement about a new way to indulge in the Katat0nik-ness, and Kat herself couldn’t be more enthusiastic about her new endeavor, saying, “I love how Damien is so welcoming and how he made Loco Pocos into a friendly community.  It’s really awesome!”

Visit the Loco Pocos Boutique today for your very own Dollie Dress and set of color-change eyes, and stay tuned for more Loco Pocos clothing and accessory releases and blog posts about adventures through the sim!


Le Peep Show!

Hoho!  Detective Adaire DeCuir has gathered some very important information!  While on a mission to find out about sekret pretties that are coming to a Katat0nik shop near you, I spied Kat herself working on her latest creation!

Le gaspe!  It is Katat0niks bum!

Le gaspe! It is Katat0nik's bum!

The dress is tentatively called (le!) cupcake and is certainly (le!) nom-a-licious.  (Pardon to all the French peoples I may be inadvertently insulting.  I’m trying to channel a little Inspector Jacques Clouseau mixed in with some Sherlock Holmes.  Hopefully you’ll agree Kat’s dress is so the cuteness that you won’t mind my cultural faux pas!)

I have spied the Cupcake dress!

I have spied the Cupcake dress!

My sources tell me the dress will be released in a few days and is tentatively called “Cupcake!”  And, there will be at least 6 colors!  Le rejoice!  Stay tuned to the blog or Katat0nik’s update group for the release of the newest yum yum.

Style Notes:

Katat0nik the Kyoot!
Lovely Vintage Rose Skin ~ Gala Phoenix
Psychobilly Freakout (Black) ~ Curio
Melancholy Necklace (Red) ~ Violet Voltaire
Lucent Heels ~ Schadenfreude

Adaire the Adventurous?
Shamrock (Pale) Skin ~ Atomic Kitty (group gift)
Nova (Black) Hair ~ Kin
Grimly Eyes ~ Silent Sparrow (included with the “Grimly” skirt)
Hat/Pipe ~ Kurotsubaki (group gift)
Mortido Dress (Olive) ~ Katat0nik
Mortido Boots ~ Katat0nik
Poses ~ [Long Awkward Pose]

Katat0nik Pidgeon

Hi! I'm a RL artist and a designer of clothes, shoes, skins, hair, tattoos, dolls, and other stuff for the Second Life® virtual world. Visit Axis Mundi to see my work and check out the Katat0nik Flickr group!

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Katat0nik Pidgeon

Hi! I'm a RL artist and am currently making clothes, shoes, skins, hair, tattoos, dolls, and other stuff for Secondlife Life(TM). Visit Axis Mundi to see my work!

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