Valentine’s Day at the Starlust Motel with Katat0nik!

Oh hai!  Having fun with all of the Valentine’s Day hunts?  Ok, maybe you’re a little overwhelmed like me, but the hunt going on within the Starlust sims is one not to miss!  Especially because…dun dun dunnnnn!!!  The Valentine’s Day edition of the the Striped Dollie Dress is one of the prizes, a Starlust Valentine’s Day hunt exclusive never to be sold!

To join in the fun, tp into the Starlust Motel lobby and click the sign for the Valentine’s Day Hunt HUD.  Wear the HUD and follow the clues to pick up little pieces of a broken heart.  The pieces will appear on the HUD, and once your heart is whole again (aww!), you can collect presents from all the participating stores by clicking on the pink gift boxes.  There’s a notecard in the lobby with a list of all the participating stores and slurls, making it easy to collect the loot!  The hunt has been soooo popular that it’s been extended through the week, so don’t worry if it’s too laggy or the sims are packed – you’ve got time!

The Valentines Day Striped Dollie Dress Starlust Prize

In the picture above, I’m wearing the Valentine’s Day Limited Edition boots and flats from Lazy Places!  SakuraDawn Lei matched her shooz to Katat0nik’s pink and dark pink shades from the Valentine’s Day limited edition Alice set, but it also matches a ton of other pieces from Kat’s store like the Dorothy set and…the Starlust Hunt prize dress!  This color will only be available until Februrary 28th and is available in both Lazy Places’ main store and the Axis Mundi store.

Style Notes:
Hair: Katat0nik “Lolli” Hair (HUD-driven color change hair & bow)
Skin: Doux Petit Dahl “Valentine” skin in Tone 01 (Free from a hunt that’s going on now!)
Earrings: Violet Voltaire “Sweethearts” Set (Available for $1L TODAY, February 14th, during Violet Voltaire’s Valentine’s Day Party – get details through her subscribe-o-matic at her shop!)
Shooz [From Left to Right]: Lazy Places “Namaloos,” “Centaur,” and “Flats” (All are in the limited edition “Dark Pink” color)
Poses: [LAP]


1 Response to “Valentine’s Day at the Starlust Motel with Katat0nik!”

  1. 1 stagpartystudios
    March 27, 2009 at 2:32 am

    WHAT?! WHAT!? I missed this dress?! WHAT!? How could this happen?! *runs off crying* I lub this dress and want it baaaaad.

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Hi! I'm a RL artist and a designer of clothes, shoes, skins, hair, tattoos, dolls, and other stuff for the Second Life® virtual world. Visit Axis Mundi to see my work and check out the Katat0nik Flickr group!

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Katat0nik Pidgeon

Hi! I'm a RL artist and am currently making clothes, shoes, skins, hair, tattoos, dolls, and other stuff for Secondlife Life(TM). Visit Axis Mundi to see my work!

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